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Next meeting is February 8th.


Summary of January 4th meeting 





Summary of December 7th meeting 


Summary of November 2nd meeting 


Summary of October 5th meeting 


Summary of September 14th meeting


Summary of July 6th meeting 


Summary of June 1st meeting


Summary of May 4th meeting


Summary of April 6th meeting


Summary of March 2nd meeting.


Summary of February 3rd meeting


Summary of January 6th meeting  





Summary of December 2nd meeting 


Summary of November 4th meeting.


Summary of October 7th meeting. 


Summary of September 16th meeting 


Summary of August 5th meeting 


Summary of June 3rd meeting


Summary of the May 6th meeting.


Summary of April 1st meeting. 


Summary of March 4th meeting.


Summary of February 11th meeting


Summary of January 7th meeting





Summary of December 10th meeting


Summary of November 12th meeting  


Summary of October 8th meeting 


Summary of September 17th meeting  


Summary of August 13th meeting  


Summary of June 11th meeting  


Summary of May 7th meeting  


Summary of April 9th meeting  


Summary of February 13th meeting 


Summary of January 8th meeting 




Summary of December 4th meeting


Summary of November 6th meeting 


Summary of October 2nd meeting 


Summary of September 11th meeting 


Summary of July 10th meeting 


Summary of June 5th meeting


Summary of May 1st meeting 


Summary of March 27th meeting 


Summary of February 6th meeting 


Summary of January 9th meeting 





Summary of Dec. 5th meeting   


Summary of Nov 7th meeting 

   Handout from Nov. 7th meeting


Summary of Oct. 5th meeting   


Summary of Sept. 12th meeting 


Summary of August 1st meeting  


Summary of June 2nd meeting 


Summary of May 9th meeting 


Summary of April 18th meeting 


Summary of March 7th meeting 


Summary of Feb. 1st meeting.  


Summary of January 4th meeting.




Summary of December 14th meeting


Summary of November 9th meeting.


Summary of October 12th meeting.


Summary of August 10th meeting.  

 Handouts from this meeting:  Humanitarian Aid Services

                                                        Reading Buddy Program


Summary of  June 8th meeting


Summary of May 11th meeting  


Summary of April 14th meeting 

Summary of March 9th meeting 


Summary of February 9th meeting 


Summary of January 5th meeting.   






Summary of December 15th meetingFurther detailed analysis and cost and volunteer breakdowns by project for community day of service. Plus individual input into meaning and mission of the Peninsula Multifaith Coalition.


Summary of  November 17th meeting . In-depth details of upcoming day of service and volunteer apprecation and fund raising.


Summary of October 20th meeting. Discussed upcoming events and zeroed in on MLK Day projects.


Summary of  September 22nd meeting  Still more finalizing details and costs and number of volunteers for each project on the MLK Day of Service


Summary of  September 8th meeting The Labor Day Event was discussed and in-depth details and planning of the MLK Day of Service were the high points.


Summary of July 7th meeting.   We discussed elements of our individual faiths.

Summary from June 9th meeting.  Details regarding Iftar dinner at PTBE followed by further detail planning of Labor Day and MLK Day events. Brief discussion on planning subcommittee and mission.

Summary from May 5th meeting. Further discussion of mission statement and vision followed by additional planning of Labor Day and MLK Day events.
Summary from April 8th meeting.  Planning of Labor Day picnic and early planning of MLK Day of service for 2015 and discussion of mission statement and expansion.
Summary from the February 10th meeting.  Recap of Community Day of Service. Recognition for participants. Positive and Negatives on the special day.
Summary for the January 13th meeting. Final preparations for all projects including cost and volunteers. Update on signups. 
Summary for the December 9th meeting.  Very detailed discussion about projects for the MLK Day with specifics on numbers and costs. Some minor projects were eliminated.
Summary for the November 18th meeting.  In-depth discussion of list of projects for MLK Day. Future goals were talked about.
Summary for the October 28th meeting.  Detailed discussion of potential projects for the Jan. 19th MLK, JR.  community day of service. Reports on possible project site visits.
Summary for the September 30th meeting. Reconnecting with the purpose of MLK Day of Service.
Further discussion of potential projects for the Jan. 19th MLK, JR.  community day of service. Also next Freedom Seder plans were presented.

Summary from the August 26th meeting. Ideas for the next picnic event (2014) and development of potential projects for the Jan. 19th MLK, JR. day community volunteer projects were discussed


Multifaith Family Gathering on Sunday, August 25  at Beresford Community Center

Summary from the July 29th meeting. How does the Peninsula Multifaith group fit in with other religious organizations and groups as well as communication and leadership were discussed.

Summary from the June 10th meeting. Lot of details about the upcoming Beresford Family Gathering as well as the Freedom Seder for 2014 were discussed.


Summary from the April 22nd meeting



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